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A Woman Who Obeys Everthing You Say Doesn’t Love You – Soul E Baba Says

 Soul E Baba

Nigerian singer, Apostle Emmanuel Ifechukwude Okose, who is also known as Soul E Baba has explained that a woman who loves a man mustn’t always be in agreement with everything he says.

He argued she must question her man’s every decision and even make him angry at intervals, noting that and many more are the qualities of a real woman.

The secular singer-turned-preacher inferred if a man married an ‘absolutely obedient and submissive’ wife, it’s safe to say he got for himself a puppet and not a partner.

He maintained since the scriptures preaches submission from wives to their husbands, many have bastardised the very essence of the concept, expecting ‘stooges’ as partners.

He stated: “If a woman is not making you angry, she is yes everything you say. She doesn’t have a contribution; she doesn’t love you.

“Real women question everything you say. Not because they are disobedient or arrogant but because they want the best for their man.

“Any woman that is at your beck and call, you married a puppet; you’re with a puppet.

“Am I saying that women should be arrogant? They should be disobedient to their men? No! But what I’m saying is that, a real woman wants the best for her man. 

“So, she questions what you say. She wants you to give her a proper reason why you’re asking her to do what you want her to do. But this is where men miss it. 

“They take a woman that wants to know exactly you want to do as disobedient. When the woman just wants to know if that idea you have is going to lead the family forward or bring it backward.”

According to him: “Because the scripture said you should obey; the Bible did not say you should obey in foolishness.

“So, if the scripture say you should obey, if your husband tells you to pierce yourself with a knife, you should obey because, you’re a submissive wife? 

“We have misplaced priorities. We have misplaced the ideology of submission. If you don gerrit, then forget about it “



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