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Bride Breaks Down In Tears As Her Parents Tells Her Not To Wear Makeup At Her Wedding Ceremony (Video)


A Nigerian bride wept profusely on her wedding day upon receiving bad news from her parents, who warned her against applying makeup on her big day and other disappointments from her vendors who were in charge of certain arrangements to make the ceremony a success.

In a recently shared video, the beautiful bride was seen crying profusely as she was consoled by a friend and her photographer.

In a note attached to the post shared online, it was revealed that the bride faced several issues the night before her wedding day.

The first issue was with her gown as she received something that didn’t meet her expectations because it didn’t suit her taste.

Secondly, some individuals who were supposed to supply materials to her arrived late due to heavy rainfall.

What made matters worse, according to reports, was when she heard from her parents that she shouldn’t wear makeup on her wedding day, which made her cry even more.

Read full details: “Barbara, our Obuasi Bride’s day started on a very sad note the night before her wedding. Firstly, her gown came in very late last night, and when she tried it on, she noticed that it wasn’t exactly what she wanted, so she cried throughout the night.”

“This morning, unfortunately, some of the vendors were behind time due to a downpour the previous night. When we got to the hotel for her prep this morning, the bride was still sad; her spirit was dampened because she had been crying the previous night, and arrangements were not going as planned.”

“What made matters worse was that her family was constantly calling her, telling her not to put on makeup. However, her photographer kept consoling her and reassured her that everything would go as planned.”

Watch video below;



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