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Football and Soccer : Similarities and Differences

Although football is the common term generally used to refer to a game using a ball, they are not all the same. Football is usually confused with soccer. Let’s take a look at what football and Soccer really are.


Football (commonly referred to as American football) is mostly played in America, and is also known as gridiron. It is simply known as football in the United States and Canada. It is a competitive team sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field, with goalposts at each end. The American football is played on a field 120 yards long, 55 ⅓ yards wide. The players are required to wear special protective equipment that includes a padded helmet, shoulder pads, hips and knee pads to minimize injuries. A standard football game consists of four 15-mimutes, with a half-time after the second quarter. In real time, a game can last more than three hours, as the clock stops after certain plays. The objective of the game is to score points by advancing the ball into the opponent’s end zone by carrying, throwing, kicking or passing the ball from one teammate to another. The offense, which is the team with the possession of the ball attempts to score points while the defense aims to stop their advance and tries to take control of the ball for themselves. The team with the most score when the time expires wins the game.


Soccer (as known in North America) is commonly referred to as football in most of the rest of the world. It is also known as association football. Soccer is a popular team sport played by two teams of eleven players each (excluding the substitutes), using a round ball. The team has a goalkeeper and 10 outfield players. The round soccer ball weighs between 14 to 16oz and measures 27-28″ in circumference. The game is played on a rectangular grass field called a field with a goalpost at each end. The size of the pitch an international adult match ranges between 110-120 yards long and 70-80 yards wide. The players are required to wear the basic equipment that includes a shirt, shorts, socks, footwear and shin guard. The goalkeeper wears clothing that easily distinguishable him/her from other players and officials. A standard adult game lasts 90 minutes, consisting of 45 minutes known as halves. The aim of the game is to manoeuvre the ball up the pitch into the opponent’s goal. Any of the 11 players on a team can score a goal, which adds to the teams total. The team also gets a goal if an opponent manoeuvre the ball into their own goal. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to use their arms or hand to propel the ball, other players can only use their legs or other body part. The team with the most goal by the end of the match wins.


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