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How Stella Damasus’ Third Marriage Crashed

 Stella Damasus

Popular Nollywood superstar actress, Stella Damasus’ third marriage to movie producer, Daniel Ademinokan, crashed sometime last year, leaving many to wonder what happened.

Now, to the surprise of many, she revealed during the week that she found out about the end of the union on video sharing platform, YouTube.

However, Ademinokan has apparently moved on as he was alleged to have remarried another lady.

The news of their crashed marriage caught many by surprise, particularly because when the going was good, the couple was often engaged in public displays of affection. At one time, Damasus described her ex-partner as her ‘best friend and soul mate’.

On Daniel’s birthday on July 31, 2020, Stella had described him as an exceptional husband. She wrote on Instagram, “It is my husband’s birthday, and I am grateful to God for such a special gift. Daniel, you are an amazing and exceptional husband and father. You have been a blessing in my life; a teacher, friend, and pastor. I love you so much, boo. Thank you for making me feel special every single day. Thank you for being so selfless and caring…”

Meanwhile, in the early days of their marriage, Stella was criticised by many, who felt she was instrumental to the crash of Ademinokan’s marriage to another actress, Doris Simeon.

Many also stated that she should have prevailed on Ademinokan not to take the son, David, he had with Doris to the United States of America with Stella.

However, in an interview with a media personality, Emma Emerson, in December 2014, Stella addressed those issues. She said, “I am not a kid. I am 36 years old. I am not about to start hiding myself. I was waiting for somebody to actually ask me this question, because all I had heard for the past three years were rumours. If I steal something from somebody, and the person is really the owner of the thing, the person should come and ask me, ‘you took something from me, give me back’.  But nobody did that.

“Did anybody ever ask, what went wrong? Why would a man pick up his son and walk away from his marriage?”

She also claimed that her marriage to Ademinokan was one of necessity in the first place.

In an interview with Teju Babyface during the week, she said, “Religion made us (she and Daniel) marry when we were not supposed to.

“He was my friend. He was awesome, but as a couple, things did not work out. We messed things up. When we went our separate ways, out of love and respect for each other, we did not talk about it. We just left it as it was. People blamed me for this last one (marriage crash) but they didn’t know what happened.

“We were attending a church together. I was a chorister, while he was the choir director. The leaders of the church felt that what we were doing was wrong because we were church workers and we needed to set examples. They felt we would be tempted to do things.

“At that point, I was doing more church work and did not focus on my spiritual life. I followed the church blindly because I did not want to offend them. He (Daniel) was not even ready, and we did not know each other well. When we got married, we realized that we were not compatible.”

Stella also seems to have moved on. She has been posting beautiful pictures of herself, and her two daughters on social media.

Some celebrities, such as Kate Henshaw, Mofe Duncan, and Bouqui, have also been showing their solidarity, as they often engage with her posts.



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