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I Thought The Burden On Me Would Reduce When Tinubu Removed Fuel Subsidy – Muhammadu Buhari


Muhammadu Buhari

Garba Shehu, an aide to the immediate past president, Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that his principal still receives visitors from across the country, despite the removal of fuel subsidy which has led to high cost of transportation.

Shehu stated this via a statement issued on Thursday to mark Buhari’s 100 days out of office.

He said Buhari had thought he would receive fewer visitors after Tinubu removed fuel subsidy but the reverse was the case.

Shehu identified some of the visitors to include party faithful, grassroots groups, farmers, artisans, artists, praise singers, nurses and doctors, religious leaders, community leaders, and several other professionals.

He explained that Tinubu left the nation’s capital for Daura in Katsina State to allow President Bola Tinubu’s administration to function undistracted.

He said, “To manage the numbers, he has a weekly program drawn for him as they did while he was in the Villa. Visitors are scheduled on the program but there are so many people who just start their motor bikes and cars to head out to Daura to him in the belief that he has the time to receive all visitors.

“Not left out are those who benefited from the administration, one way or another. The other day, he was musing the decision to remove fuel subsidy by the Tinubu administration, saying he had hoped that it would lessen the pressure on him by constraining the large number of people who pick up their transport and head to Daura to see him from all parts of the country, but that he had noted that instead of they coming one by one, his friends, including the poor and the marginalized now group themselves, share costs to hire buses to come to see and talk to him.”



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