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Lady Travels to 10 Countries in 3 Weeks With Nigerian Passport, Shares Costs


A Nigerian lady has artiiculated on her social media page how she was able to travel to 10 countries with her Nigerian passport.


The lady identified as @MkpoutoPius took to Twitter to share her stoyr.


She revealed that she successfully embarked on a solo trip to 10 countries in just three weeks using a Nigerian passport.


In her words;


“I recently traveled to 10 countries in 3 weeks, nonstop

I took off from Lagos, Nigeria

The countries I visited were; Senegal, Capeverde, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, and Uganda.

This entire trip cost not more than £3,000 (6 million Naira)


Breakdown in the thread below.”


Netizens Reactions:


@click2cbn said: “In all these flights, I noticed that Airpeace from Lagos to Senegal was the most expensive.”


@mroieniola said: “I’m doing this in 2 weeks . But Abeg comot Senegal, Uganda and capeverde.”


@wamide_a said: “Love this a lot . “Thank you for documenting and sharing.”


@keolaosebikan said: “Wow, this is very interesting. “Did you have need for any kind if special visas to enter those African countries- Senegal and Cape verde? I know you must have used schenghen visa for the European countries.”


@day_vheed said: “Really impressive. Did you book your flight tickets in advance? Also, were the accommodations airbnb or hotels?”


@EnitanOyekanm said: “Except you didn’t give all the cost of air fares the nig leg seems to be the most expensive GBP 400 of all the ones you gave !”


See below;




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