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Martial Arts Star, Conor McGregor Caught Red-Handed Attacking UFC Bus At Night (video)

Conor was caught on camera carrying out the attack
Conor McGregor has been charged after he allegedly threw a metal rail at a bus packed with UFC fighters, Daily Star UK reports.
McGregor, 29, has been charged with three counts of assault and one of criminal mischief, according to NYPD.
Cops said the Irishman was apprehended after he was allegedly filmed picking up a metal guardrail before throwing it at a coach packed with UFC fighters.
McGregor turned himself in following an NYPD manhunt, launched shortly after a clip was widely shared on social media.
In the now-viral video, the guardrail is hurled at a moving bus which shattered a window and led to Michael Chiesa being injured. 
Another item was thrown at the vehicle, but it remains the identity of the man has not been confirmed by police.
Chiesa was later taken to hospital where he was treated by doctors. 
Following the bizarre rampage cops were called to the scene.
UFC President Dana White later said a group of 20 men rushed into the car park where they caused havoc. 
He said: "They started to attack the buses, throwing trash cans and dollies and things like broke – one of the windows cut Michael Chiesa really bad. 

"He cut his head, he cut his face. 

"Obviously everybody’s shaken up. This is the most disgusting thing that’s ever happened in the history of this company."
Mr White later told reporters: "There is a warrant out for Conor McGregor’s arrest.

"They’re looking for him right now. His plane cannot take off.

"He cannot leave the state of New York with this warrant. He’ll be grounded."
The chaotic scenes emerged after Mr White announced McGregor was going to be stripped of his lightweight championship title.



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