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Once You Are Hated In The Industry, They Would Do Anything To See You Fall – Nkechi Blessing


Nkechi Blessing

Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing, has reacted to allegations of her colleague, Adunni Ade owing late actor, Murphy Afolabi.

In a video circulating online the burial committee publicly called out Adunni Ade for her supposed indebtedness to the deceased.

However, Adunni Ade swiftly addressed the claims, firmly denying them and asserting that she had already refunded the money to Murphy Afolabi prior to his unfortunate demise.

Adunni Ade’s denial shed light on the inaccuracies surrounding the debt allegations.

Expressing her solidarity with Adunni Ade, Nkechi Blessing stressed the challenges faced by individuals in the movie industry.

She stated that when someone becomes a target of hate in the industry, those in positions of power would resort to any means necessary to bring that person down.

In her words;

If they don hate person for that their industry they will go to any length to see that person fall. Thank God say man no be God…. It’s well!”.

Joining Nkechi Blessing in support of Adunni Ade, fellow actors Adewunmi Fatia and Alesh Sanni also weighed in on the debt claims.

Alesh Sanni wrote;

“Just imagine but why… Haba now”

Adewunmi Fatia echoed similar sentiments, commented;

“I don fight tired rubbish”.

The unfolding events have brought attention to the need for accurate information and fair judgment in the entertainment industry.

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