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Pastor Defends Kenyan Gospel Singer Who Married More Than One Wife (Photo)


Popular Kenyan gospel singer, Muigai Wa Njoroge has gotten the support of Bishop of Priesthood Fellowship Church, Pastor JJ over his decision to embrace polygamy. 


This is as Muigai Wa Njoroge conducted a Ruracio ceremony to pay dowry for his second wife, Queen Stacey, in Kiambu County on August 26, 2023. The couple have been together for 15 years.


Speaking at the ceremony, Pastor JJ, urged people to withhold judgment and condemnation.


The pastor emphasized that such decisions are made out of personal choices rather than inherent moral shortcomings.


“Before crucifying Muigai, most of these men you see here have more than seven wives but they do not have the courage to show them to the public,” he said.


While quoting the scripture, JJ reminded men of the biblical encouragement to respect women after sleeping with them and the cultural importance of paying dowry for women who have been intimately involved.


Acknowledging the potential for familial disputes in the event of a man’s passing, he stressed the importance of putting affairs in order while alive to prevent future conflicts. 


“The discussion should be about succession and inheritance. In most cases, when a man dies and the two wives are left fighting for wealth but I will urge Muigai to put things in order when you are still alive. Also, men stop surprising me with kids at your burial,” the pastor added. 


Meanwhile, Stacey’s father, Leonard Ndongi, spoke to the media conveying his wholehearted endorsement of his daughter’s marriage.


He emphasized that their family had been aware of their relationship for a span of more than 15 years, underscoring the paramount significance of mutual understanding and respect within polygamous unions.


“This marks the inaugural occasion where he has officially undertaken the dowry payment.” 


Stacey, who was born and raised in Kenya, later moved to London, and crossed paths with Muigai during a visit to Kenya. 


Mr. Leonard added that the family maintains a positive relationship with Muigai’s first wife, Njeri.


“The two wives, Njeri and Stacey love each other and we as a family, talk on the phone with Njeri. We advise them not to respond to everything said on social media. If it is not important, move on. You have your own life.”


On the other end, Muigai Wa Njoroge’s first wife, Njeri Wa Muigai, addressed her audience on Facebook Live, encouraging them to keep their hearts pure and maintain a peaceful disposition.


“Learn to keep your heart pure. I am at peace since there are things I will never change. Some things are only sort by our God.


“And what if this is the life God wanted to live this life? Like six years ago, I had separated with my husband and that is when I learnt that I can be on my own and that is also when I started singing alone,” she said.




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