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See How Nigerians Reacted After DSS Said It Has Exposed Plot To Stage Violent Protests In Nigeria


Nigerians have slammed the Department of State Services (DSS) over its claim that it has uncovered plans by some elements in parts of the country to stage violent protests across the country.


Recall that the DSS in a statement issued on Monday by its spokesman, Peter Afunanya, said the planned protests are to discredit the Federal Government and security agencies over sundry socio-economic matters.


Nigerians took to social media to lash out at the DSS saying the claim is untrue.


See some of the reactions below.


@General_Oluchi wrote: “Putting out a statement first before arresting innocent people.


“The lack of logic in your department is that you can’t stop people from protesting until they become violent. That action hasn’t been taken, so your jumping to warn or scare people is delusional. I know you don’t operate by the law, but be aware that you cannot stop people from protesting!”


@PrisciliaAmadi wrote: “There is no plot, you people are raising alarm to justify your intended actions. Nigerians have been too peaceful in the face of constant gaslighting, threats and abuse of human rights


“We have eyes on the Judiciary, and you people cannot threaten us to overlook the Nigerian CONSTITUTION and electoral laws.”


@U_materialstore wrote: “Agbada Military regime that’s the current situation of Nigeria. They are threatening people not to exercise their right to Assembly, Democracy my foot. They should kukuma wear military regalia on Tinubu, give him the highest military rank.”


@PFeyishola wrote: “For any protest that doesn’t aid peace, love, harmony or betterment of the citizen, better to arrest the protesters make them no cause chaos.”


@chymaker wrote: “The most daft person should ordinarily figure out how DSS work.


“They put out statements like this as a validation for arresting citizens who’ve done nothing at all. Above all, to scare Nigerians but guess what, this strategy is outdated.”


@sweetsixtien wrote: “Same DSS that arrested LGA Chairman Mr Wale Adedayo for voicing out about Government theft of public funds?


“We know who you work for! You work for the th!eves and looters who want to PLUNDER Nigeria! You’re not for the progress of Nigeria!


“As for PRO Afunanya, ask Emefiele his fate!”


@D_lone_wolf_ wrote: “Nobody is more Nigerian than other Nigerians. We are all ONE, and we will take our country back by the grace of God.”


@a_little_god_ wrote: “Why did this sound like a comedy skit? It got me laughing. Does DSS now do skits too?


“P.S: Be reminded, though, Nigeria belongs to Nigerians. Truth is, you may try, but Nigeria will always belong to Nigerians. And if Nigerians want their country back, YOU CAN’T STOP IT!!!.”



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