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Tribunal Ruling Does Not Matter If INEC Fails To Upload Complete Election Result – Kenneth Okonkwo


Kenneth Okonkwo

Nigerian actor cum politician, Kenneth Okonkwo stated on Monday that the declaration of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal does not matter if the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) does not upload the credible results of the February 25 elections.

Okonkwo stated this during an interview on Arise News on Monday.

The LP chieftain called INEC a “failed organization that cannot even live up to the dictates of the law.”

He said that the electoral body was supposed to provide the results of the election from all polling units, stating section 62, sub section 2 and 3 of the Electoral Act.

Okonkwo said, “Whether it is a pre-election or post-election issue, the law says INEC should update, compile election result on polling unit by polling unit basis throughout Nigeria, and whoever wishes to receive a copy of it should be given one”

He further stated that INEC failed to deliver on this as the results, months after the election, have still not been properly uploaded.

The former campaign spokesman said, “They just brought up figures and announced to the whole world shamefully after months of such declaration. 18,088 uploaded results are still blurred, blank and nothing given by INEC. There is no court judgement that can overrule that because we were given such things from the INEC IReV portal.”

He maintained that the judiciary must be held accountable to statutory laws, as they only have the right to interpret the law, and not to change it.

Okonkwo said, “Whoever is telling you that anybody won that election, it’s a conjecture, and this is no matter what the court says. Because statutory laws in our hierarchy of laws in Nigeria is superior to decided cases, and time has come where we should be holding the judiciary accountable to statutory laws. They do not have the right to make laws. The only right they have is to interpret it.

“So, what we are saying, it’s not about who won or lost, we are saying that election should be free, fair, and credible. Credible means believable. Justice should not only be done, it should be seen as done. Please, if you have seen the result polling unit by polling unit, either based on original unmutilated form EC8a or electronically stored and uploaded result of INEC polling unit by polling unit in 176,000 units in Nigeria, please, show me, and I will be willing to tow your line. You can’t come and bamboozle Nigerians.

“As long as those results are hidden in shadows, not in substance, whatever is the result, whatever is the declaration by the court, you cannot convince anybody anywhere in the world, because it is not the judiciary that puts people in power in a democracy, it is the people. The people have voted, show them the results of their vote, so that they will, with certainty, tell you, yes, we believe.”



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