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What I’ll Miss Most When I Leave Office


President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed what he would miss the most after exiting Aso Rock and handing power to the new government on May 29.

He said after office, he would miss those he described as “good people” he worked with while his regime lasted.

Buhari revealed this in London, the United Kingdom, according to his Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina.

In his weekly article titled ‘the good in goodbye’, the presidential spokesperson said Buhari gave the response when he and other journalists probed him on what he would miss most after office.

“In London two weeks ago, I and some of our media colleagues in the State House had asked the President what he would miss most when he leaves office.

“His response: “I’ll miss good people that we have worked together in the past eight years, like some of you here.”

Adesina, while giving account of his stewardship, explained that he served the President with the best of his ability and he will be leaving the Presidential Villa as a fulfilled man.

My job is done, my bags are packed, and I’m ready to go. When I step out of the Presidential Villa on Friday, May 26, 2023, it would be the last as an insider. If I ever return, it would be as a visitor.

“My name would have to be first sent to the lobby station, I would go through security screening, before being granted access. And that is a place I’d driven in and out from freely in the past eight years. Yes, the only thing constant in life in change. I leave happily, fulfilled, and I say there’s a lot of good in goodbye.”

“After this edition of From the Inside, a weekly column that ran for many years, there’ll be only one more. Next week, by the grace of God. Next time you will read from me, after a while, it would be from the outside, on another platform. Yes, that’s the way we roll.

He added, “Yes, we have served our principal to the best of our abilities, through thick and thin, through sweet and sour. No regrets. And that is some good in the goodbye. We came, we served, and have been commended by our master. Well done, good and faithful servants.”

Continuing, Adesina said, “Yes, in serving Muhammadu Buhari, the honest Fulani man, deliberately misunderstood by some people, and who refuse to yield any ground, I’ve lost good friends, family people, brethren in the church, who couldn’t understand why I was loyal to a jihadist, a nepotist, and a Fulani herdsman. When I tell them the man is not that way, in fact, the very opposite of what they think, and they refuse to budge, I go my way. Peacefully. I give them a wide berth, which they deserve.

“But in their places, I’ve made new friends, countless, who I share the same things with. Love for Buhari, the patriot, the good man. And as I leave now, those new friends are part of the good in goodbye.”



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