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Why I Cannot Venture Into Acting — Singer, Terry G Speaks

Terry G

Gabriel Oche Amanyi, the Nigerian music star, who is fondly known as Terry G has revealed the reason why he cannot venture into the world of make-believe.

In a chat with Daily Trust, the Apako master stated that he would have to be paid a huge sum of money before he features in a movie.

Narrating an experience he had last on a movie set, the singer noted that he ran from the movie location and had to be begged before he returned to finish the project.

Terry G said, “If you see me in any movie it means that they forced me. I do not have time for that stress. It is not my calling. The one I did last I ran away from the set. They had to beg me a lot before I went back to finish the shoot. It is stressful and I would only act if they pay me a lot of money.

“I would perform for like two hours on stage and collect my millions but when it comes to acting I would spend days on set. If care is not taken they would even know the amount of boxer shorts you brought to the set.”



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