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Woman Addicted To Eating Toilet Paper Reveals She Eats Up To Four Rolls A Day And Spends Nearly $2,700 A Year On It (Video)


A woman, Kinah, who is addicted to eating toilet paper has disclosed that she consumes up to four rolls a day and even spends almost $2,700 a year buying it.

‘I eat toilet paper from the second I get up in the morning,‘ she told My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted, which airs on the network on TLC on Wednesdays.

According to TLC, the addict eats up to four toilet paper rolls a day, which is ‘almost 14,000 lbs over the past 20 years’.

She eats it ‘everywhere – at work, in the car, at the nail salon’.

The strange snacker added she does get a few ‘weird stares’ and has even seen someone pull their phone out to try and record her.

‘You know, toilet paper is not meant for human consumption,
‘ her ex-fiancé Anthony told the camera.

‘It doesn’t break down in your body. That sh*t gross, man.’

But Kinah ‘doesn’t care’ about the critics, and says that the taste and crunch ‘makes her mouth water’.

At another point in the preview, Kinah can be seen munching on her snack of choice at a nail salon.

The bewildered shop owner, Flora,  admitted that she found the behavior ‘weird’.

‘Why is she eating the toilet paper,’ she said. ‘And continuously putting it in her mouth without even drinking water.’

See Video Below;



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